HNMUN 2018 is proud to offer 27 committees and programs designed to stimulate and challenge delegates with substantive excellence in mind. Details on available committees will be made available in the late spring.

Please note: Seats in the NGO Program, the Press Corps, and the crisis committees are available by application only. For more information, please see the “How to Apply” page.

General Assembly

At the heart of the United Nations is the General Assembly, the largest organ at HNMUN 2018.

With eight committees of passionate delegates, dedicated directors, and overall substantive excellence, the General Assembly boasts some of the finest debate of the conference. Featuring issues that challenge and inspire the international community, the topics to be addressed in the GA range from international security, to health policy, to humanitarian aid. The GA will push delegates to rethink what has been previously accepted, to push their skills of negotiation, and to ultimately balance international cooperation with their own national interests.

Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies consists of committees representing both topic-specific UN bodies and a variety of regional assemblies. Virtually any issue in international relations can be addressed in the context of one of these committees, including human rights, environmental protection, international security, education, and many more. Delegates and staff alike can gain an understanding of these relevant issues through debate, eventually producing resolutions that propose real-world solutions. Experience crisis, innovative applications of technology, and incredibly substantive debate in an environment that encourages committee bonding and cooperation. This blend requires a type of delegate that can manage quick, articulate thinking, as well as broader strategies of long-term planning and cooperation.

Regional Bodies

The Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies consist of a variety of committees representing both a set of topic-specific UN bodies and international assemblies. The Regional Bodies focus on cultural, economic, and developmental issues, among others, that face specific regions of the world. Debate in the Regional Bodies will require a strong understanding of your country and the region in which it finds itself. The Regional Bodies incorporate both the variety and flexibility of the Specialized Agencies and the debate coherence of the General Assembly. This blend requires a type of delegate that can manage quick, articulate thinking, as well as broader strategies of long-term planning and cooperation.

Specialized Agencies

The Specialized Agencies is home to the most creative and imaginative committees of HNMUN 2018.  With committees that range from ancient times to the present day, the Specialized Agencies' highly substantive and interactive committees will push delegates to examine the intricacies of history and the pressing issues of our time. In each committee, delegates will have the opportunity to respond to crisis simulations, debate issues as they arise, and reach compromise in groups of 10-30 members. The SA committees are some of the most fast-paced ones at conference, and due to the small size of the committees, each individual member has a critical role in advancing his or her own interests, fashioning meaningful debate, and crafting peaceful and innovative solutions.