Conference Materials

HNMUN 2018 Conference Handbook
The Conference Handbook contains all logistical details for conference participants, as well as overviews of our events. The full conference schedule and hotel maps are available in the handbook. The password required to access the handbook is the same password for accessing Substantive Materials.

HNMUN 2018 Conference Policies
The Conference Policies include all of guidelines and procedures for applying to our conference. They also include a timeline of fees and deadlines. Delegations must either accept these policies online at our registration database or mail a signed copy to our office in order to participate in the conference.

HNMUN 2018 Conference Fees and Deadlines
This document is a summary of the official fees and deadlines for HNMUN 2018.

HNMUN 2018 Delegate Guide
The Delegate Guide Outlines the essential information for participating as a delegate in the conference, including the rules of procedure, detailed descriptions of the committee staffs' roles, expectations for committee dynamics, and much more. The Delegate Guide has been updated for this year, to include further tips on how to achieve substantive excellence within committees, as well as extended descriptions of crisis committee procedures.

HNMUN 2018 Country Assignment List
This sheet details the countries that participate in each of our committees, as well as the minimum and maximum numbers for each country. When requesting countries, delegations should note that the minimum number of each country may not be lower than the number of delegates registered for the conference.

HNMUN 2018 Guide to Starting a MUN Team
For students interested in starting a Model United Nations team for attending our conference, this step-by-step guide provides helpful information on logistics for starting an MUN team at any college or university.

HNMUN 2018 Guide for First Time Delegations
For first time Model United Nations delegates and delegations, this guide provides useful information about preparations for conference and general overviews of the delegate experience.

HNMUN 2018 Special Application
This link takes you to the online application for HNMUN’s special applications to the Press Corps, NGO Programme, and Continual Crisis Committees. This application is due by 30 October 2017. Please visit the How to Apply: Individual section of our website for more information.