Walt Disney Company Management Team, 2018

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard National Model United Nations 2018! My name is Spencer Ma, and I am currently a junior at Harvard studying economics with a citation in French. I am so excited to be your director for the Walt Disney Management Team, and I cannot wait to see what all of you have in store for the weekend. A little bit about me – I am originally from Southern California but somehow was crazy enough to go to the east coast for college. Aside from HNMUN, I am also the Head Delegate for ICMUN, Harvard’s traveling Model UN team, and also I serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Administration for HNMUN-LA (the Latin American version of HNMUN). Other than that, I enjoy watching soccer in my free time and being with friends.

During conference, we will be tasked with a wide variety of issues as the Walt Disney Management Team. However, I am confident that each and every one of you will provide substance and creativity when it comes to addressing these issues. Once again, I am ecstatic to be directing for this committee alongside Andrés, and if you have any questions, please let either of us know!

Looking forward to HNMUN 2018!

Spencer Ma
Director, Walt Disney Management Team
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

Dear Delegates,

Hello, and welcome to the Walt Disney Company Management Team, 2018!

My name is Andrés and I am currently a senior at Harvard College. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico and have lived there most of my life. This is why, even though I am incredibly excited about welcoming you to Boston for HNMUN 2018, you will very likely hear me complain about the cold quite a bit. I have also been obsessed with Disney for most of my life, which is why getting to run this committee with Spencer is dream come true.

I am pursuing a Concentration (Harvard’s fancy way of saying “Major”) in Environmental Science and Public Policy, with a focus on energy policy and corporate social responsibility. More relevant to this committee, I will have worked as a Summer Intern at the WDC by the time we meet in February. For these reasons, the topics we will explore in this committee are near and dear to my heart.

I have been involved in Model UN since high school, and continue to love it to this day. I am a former Head Delegate of Harvard’s travel team, ICMUN, and have staffed both our high school and college conferences every year since coming to Harvard. Model UN has allowed me to explore a variety of topics that interest me, from Latin American politics and history, to political campaigns, to renewable energy policy. I am a firm believer that MUN has the power to bring people together and to make us think about topics in ways that we had never considered before.

This, above all, is my goal for the committee you will be participating in at HNMUN 2018. The Walt Disney Company is one of the most iconic and powerful companies in the entire world. In an ever-globalizing and politicized economy, the issues that the management team faces are at a scale that quite literally defines government policy-making in a number of countries. Business committees are somewhat of an oddity on the circuit, but we are committed to ensuring that delegates leave HNMUN 2018 with a more nuanced understanding of how corporations interact with politics, and vice versa.

My job as your Crisis Director in this committee is to make sure no one leaves with the impression that running a company is simpler than running a government cabinet. The WDC is at the forefront of global business and therefore must tackle issues before they even come to the national (and international) spotlight. This committee will require quick thinking, expert negotiation skills, and incredible creativity. We expect delegates to constantly be trying to push boundaries.

This will be especially evident in committee, where my brilliant Director (and Head Delegate successor!), Spencer Ma, will challenge you to think about the multifaceted job of running a company as prominent and powerful as the WDC. You will come face to face with other delegates who might have vastly different visions of the company’s future than your own. Even so, you must find a way to work together. Every decision you make will affect the company and the millions of people who interact with it daily, so a united front is essential. It will be an intense journey, but I can’t explain how excited I am to be taking it with you.

I look forward to a dynamic committee and to meeting you all!

Andrés M. López-Garrido
Crisis Director, Walt Disney Company Management Team
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

In 1926, two brothers made a deposit on a property in Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles. At the time, Walt and Roy Disney could not have possibly imagined the legacy that their little studio would leave behind. The Walt Disney Company that started as the mere dream of an amateur animator is now one of the most powerful Fortune 500 companies in the world. In 2005, Robert A. Iger became the CEO of the company, and set out on a mission to push it to new heights. During Iger’s tenure, the WDC has successfully expanded under Iger into a number of new markets, and even new corners of the world. It is under his management that the WDC Management Team meets in February of 2018.

The Management Team is composed of Disney’s top executives, many of who have loyally worked for the company for decades. For the purposes of this committee, the meeting will include additional members of the company’s leadership, in order to provide a broader number of perspectives. This will be critically important given the scope of the challenges facing the Walt Disney Company in the 21st century. The Management Team serves as the guiding force of the company, and with the CEO at its helm, will make the major decisions regarding the future of the Disney.

The overarching goal of this committee will be to set the foundation of The Walt Disney Company’s success in the coming years, both in terms of national and global leadership, and to fulfill the company’s mission of being “one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” Internally, the Management Team has a number of more tangible goals: ensuring that the company maintains friendly relationships with the governments it interacts with, maintaining its public image, continuing to push forward unparalleled innovation, and of course, making a profit. We hope that this committee provides delegates with a substantive and exciting experience like no other on the circuit, and we highly encourage anyone interested in this committee to come prepared to solve some of media and entertainment’s most pressing global problems. In the words of Walt Disney himself, “if you can dream it, you can do it.”