HNMUN is constantly looking for ways to enrich its delegates' cultural experience. For our 2018 session, we invite you to apply to two unique opportunities: the International Bazaar and the Social Venture Challenge. Please note that the two initiatives are separate from each other and have independent applications; if you wish to participate in both you should apply to both.


International Bazaar

Taking place on the Friday night of conference in conjunction with Cocktail Hour, the International Bazaar is an opportunity for delegates to showcase their culture and learn about other cultures. Each participating delegation is allotted a booth at the Bazaar and can use it to present items from their culture, such as food, clothing, artifacts, musical instruments, etc. For about one hour, students, faculty advisors, and HNMUN staff visiting the Bazaar will look around the various booths, structured in a fair-style layout, while the exposing delegations present the material at their booth.

Applications will be sent in an email to all delegates successfully registered for HNMUN before early December. If you have any questions, or if you have not received an email by 10 December, feel free to email us at


Social Venture Challenge

HNMUN is proud to again offer delegates the opportunity to participate in the Social Venture Challenge (SVC), organized by our partner the Resolution Project.

The Social Venture Challenge is a program that allows HNMUN delegates to build teams and submit their plans for actual social ventures to make an impact on their local communities.

Before conference, participating delegates develop a social venture idea to improve their home community. Then, at conference, they will present their ideas to the SVC team, who will review them and select the most effective and feasible social ventures.

The winners of the Social Venture Challenge are then nominated to be Resolution Fellows. They will receive a grant of up to US $3,000 and strong advisory support for their ventures. There are already more than 150 Fellows on all 6 inhabited continents working in diverse, high­-impact fields such as education, healthcare, human rights, water resources, and sustainability.

All application information will be sent via email to all registered HNMUN delegations by 10 December. For more information on the Resolution Project and the Social Venture Challenge, please visit our dedicated page under "Partners" or email us at