Hillary for America, 2016

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to HNMUN 2018! My name is Maria Victoria Paredes, and I am beyond excited to serve as your Director for the Continual Crisis Committee, Hillary for America 2016.

I was born in Havana, Cuba but I have lived most of my life in Miami; the home of Pitbull and cafecito-run staff meetings. Model United Nations became a part of my life through a series of serendipitous events here at Harvard. Since then, I have met my greatest friends and made my fondest memories through this organization, both in meeting people from all over the United States at university competitions as a circuit delegate, and in staffing our own conferences as a part of both the Director General’s organ and the Specialized Agency organ.

Outside of Model UN, I am a member of Pets as Therapy, a group that takes local dogs to Cambridge nursing homes to interact with residents, a staff writer for Harvard’s newspaper, The Crimson, and a member of Harvard’s TEATRO! program through which I was cast for our production of In the Heights in 2017. I intend to concentrate in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, with a possible secondary concentration in Government. Although these fields seem to be far apart, I feel their integration is a necessity in today’s political climate.

Even amidst hectic days and impossible schedules, I try to take a moment to run to my room, brew some Cuban coffee, grab a book on geopolitics, and curl up on my bed with my tie-dyed Snuggie. On the days when my obligations can only offer me 20 minutes to spare, I am likely on the phone with my mom dreaming about all the places we want to see and all the things we want to do whenever I am back home.

I live to explore, I fight for animal welfare, I dance salsa, bachata, merengue, and, with the goal of globalizing myself, I try to learn as many languages and about as many cultures as I can. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. If you speak one of those languages, please feel free to start up a conversation with me as I am always looking for an opportunity to practice!

The Hillary for America 2016 committee is the child of a thought experiment between friends and over coffee that began with a simple phrase: “could you imagine if…” The main goals of a political campaign, and the means of achieving those goals, are very different from those of other established U.S. political committees, yet these challenges are often overlooked in favor of post-election, in-Washington-action. Understanding the role of demographic targeting in establishing a support base, strategizing cross country with state headquarters to maximize regional impacts, manipulating publicity to benefit the party in power, gaining monetary traction through external super PACS and crowdsourcing, gaining political currency through specific advertisements spheres - not only are these objectives fundamental to succeeding in an American political race but also in understanding the complexity of the role of the presidency, the weight of any public statement or action, the tangible impact policy shifts have on the constituency that is betting four years on a slogan, the skillset necessary to rotate strategies for expansion when speaking to diverse groups of people.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any point with any questions that you may have, and I eagerly await to meet you all come February 2018!

Maria Victoria Paredes
Director, Hillary for America, 2016
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

Dear Delegates,

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to Harvard National Model United Nations 2018! More specifically, it is my pleasure to be your crisis director for Hillary for America, 2016, a particularly innovative and thrilling committee designed to simulate the most recent presidential election cycle.

I originally hail from Cape Elizabeth, a small but well-traveled suburb on the coast of Maine, a state known for its endless natural beauty and its kind and adventurous population. I am a junior at Harvard College, pursuing a double major in Government and Germanic Languages and Literatures with a minor in Environmental Science and Public Policy. My academic and professional interests have naturally bled into my extracurricular life. I am involved in various forms of Model United Nations on campus and abroad, serving as the Director of Angela Merkel’s Cabinet at HMUN 2017, filling in as an Assistant Director to the Cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh at HNMUN 2017, traveling as a delegate on Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations, and serving as the USG for Operations at HNMUN Latin America 2018.

I am especially excited to be crisis directing for Hillary for America, 2016. This committee will begin in the middle of the election cycle. Secretary Clinton will be competing in a contested primary race, dealing with allegations from her enemies, and anticipating the winner of the Republican primary. From the crisis standpoint of this committee, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating technology into our crisis platform, we will provide you with consistent and fast-paced updates. By featuring a diverse array of expert witnesses, including lobbyists, politicians, and other characters, we will seek to enshrine quick decision-making and a balancing of personal and regional interests with those of outsiders and constituents as key features of the committee. Finally, by scrapping the true storyline of the 2016 election cycle, we will seek to create several possibilities for the committee’s direction.

These are just some of the ways in which this committee will be a thrilling experience over the course of four days in February. Come prepared for some engaging debate, and be ready to shape (hopefully) the outcome of the election!

Daniel Menz
Crisis Director, Hillary for America, 2016
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

The date is February 27, 2016. Super Tuesday is around the corner. The Hillary for America campaign is bright-eyed and prepared to dominate the election season with one of the United States’ most experienced politicians at the steering wheel. There is hope in the air, power in every strategy, and palpable confidence on the campaign trail. From the conception of this long-awaited campaign, one thing was certain: this would be one of the most influential and monumental elections in the history of the United States. However, the degree to which this election would change the social and political landscape of this great nation was underestimated.

Hillary Clinton for America, 2016 will be an intense and innovative committee consisting of Hillary Clinton’s most-trusted campaign managers, advisors, strategists, and counselors. Delegates will navigate through a grueling election season from a conflict-filled primary through to the general election followed around the world. In particular, campaign staff will deal with multiple singular events including Super Tuesday, the remainder of the primary campaign, the Democratic National Convention, and the presidential debates. The Hillary team will be responding to frequent media addresses, live updates via a live electoral map, and leaked information regarding rival campaigns.

The areas of discussion in this committee inherently serve as crash courses on what it means to be a politician in the United States and what it takes to beat the system. History books and news articles tell you what happened with regard to an election, but they don’t tell you how. Our mission to fill that gap in the most honest, realistic way possible both out of respect for what the job entails, and with the ultimate hope that you, as delegates, will be able to use the knowledge gleaned over a weekend in Boston to influence politics in the real world.