Press Corps

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to HNMUN 2017 and welcome to the Press Corps! My name is Tae Yeong Park and I am extremely excited to return to Press Corps as Director after having served as an Assistant Director last year. I hope to leave you with a lasting experience of this truly wonderful committee.

I am a sophomore at Harvard College planning to concentrate in Government or Sociology with a foreign language citation in French. I was born in South Korea, but my family moved to Guatemala when I was seven—¡Yo hablo español! My extensive background in Latin America has led me to join the Harvard Association for Cultivating Inter-American Democracy, the premier model-OAS conference in the world for high school students, in which I serve as the Administrative Director. I am also the Outreach Chair of the Harvard Organization for Latin America. My passion clearly lies within these model UN/OAS conferences and Latin America, and I can assure you that HNMUN 2017 will be an amazing experience!

Press Corps is the central communications mechanism of the entire conference, and as a delegate of Press Corps, you will be assigned a newspaper agency through which you will produce articles that will keep the staff, delegates, faculty advisors, and others who follow the HNMUN online journal informed about what is happening at HNMUN 2017. Not only will you write articles, but you will also be engaging in more innovative media outlets, such as Twitter and Instagram, and will be holding Press Conferences in the different committee rooms. You will engage with numerous committee topics, interview delegates and faculty advisers, write press releases, and more—all which amount to a thorough understanding of the conference and of the issues HNMUN tries to tackle.

Please take your time to thoroughly review the Press Corps background guide and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to meeting you in February!

Tae Yeong Park
Director, Press Corps
Harvard National Model United Nations 2017

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Twitter: @HNMUNPressCorps
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