Press Corps

Dear Delegates,

I’d like to welcome you to HNMUN 2018 and Press Corps! My name is Marinna Okawa, and I am looking forward to working in Press Corps for the second year in a row, having been an Assistant Director last year.

I am currently a sophomore at Harvard College and anticipate studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology or Integrative Biology with a Secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I am half-Japanese and half-Chamorro, but I was born in Maryland and raised in Florida, where the weather is warm and the alligators (sometimes) roam. I am involved with a variety of publications at Harvard, including Harvard Yearbook Publications, the Harvard Ichthus, and Harvard International Review. I have served as an Assistant Director of Social Media and Director of Social Media and Technology for Harvard Model United Nations 2017 and Model Security Council 2017, respectively. Public relations, journalism, and design are three of my greatest passions outside of academics, and I cannot wait to see how these elements play out in this year’s Press Corps!

As Press Corps delegates, you will each take the role of a different news organization. Each organization will have its own audience, bias, and writing style, all of which you should consider as you write about HNMUN committees. All of your pieces will be published on the HNMUN Press Corps website, and your in-committee “Breaking News” updates can be published via Twitter.

You each have the unique opportunity to witness the development of HNMUN 2018 from beginning to end. This gives you the chance to speak with delegates, staff members, and faculty advisors and to witness both procedural matters and crisis events within committees. With this opportunity, you also have the important responsibility to present these developments for the benefit of the rest of those at HNMUN while bearing in mind attention to detail, timeliness, accuracy, and your organization’s personal aims. I hope that as a result of this conference, you will be able to better understand the relationship between international governance and public relations that can be challenging and tense but also incredibly exciting.

Please read through the Press Corps background guide carefully, and reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions. I cannot wait to meet you all in February!

Marinna Okawa
Director, Press Corps
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

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