The Resolution Project

Positive social impact is a critical component of HNMUN, and the Secretariat and Staff of the conference are devoted to making positive impacts in the lives of delegates both during and after conference and inspiring them to do the same in their communities.  

In honor with this mission, we are partnering with the Resolution Project at HNMUN 2018 for the fifth year in a row, through the Social Venture Challenge.

Founded in 2007, The Resolution Project, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to fostering youth leadership development around the world through collaborative social entrepreneurship.


The Vision is a generation of socially-responsible young leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.
The Mission is to develop socially-responsible young leaders and empower them to make a positive impact today.
The Resolution is a unique pathway to action for inspiring young social entrepreneurs, growing a global community of socially-responsible leaders.


Social Venture Challenge

The Resolution Project inspires young leaders through their proven model of Resolution Social Venture Challenges (SVCs) and Resolution Fellowships:

  • Resolution partners with existing youth summits like the one HNMUN hosts; including the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, the One Young World Summit, and the Harvard World Model United Nations conferences..
  • Resolution invites undergraduate students attending these conferences to propose social ventures through the SVC.  This is a multi-stage competition, combining web-based submissions, live rounds of presentations, and due diligence.
  • Resolution then awards Resolution Fellowships to the most compelling leaders with the most promising proposals from the SVC.

The Resolution Social Venture Challenge allows undergraduate students to build teams and submit their plans for actual social ventures that will make a positive impact today.  Resolution will provide a grant of up to US $3,000 and dynamic, hands-on mentorship for the winning Resolution Fellows and their ventures.  There are currently 200 Resolution Fellows working on 6 continents in diverse, high-impact fields such as human rights, energy, environment, education, technology, and community development.

Get involved with Resolution by Liking them on Facebook at, following them on Twitter at, or checking out their website at!


How It Works

To participate, interested delegates must complete a three-step application process by the deadlines listed below. Upon confirmation of participation by the SVC team, delegates will develop an idea for a social venture and prepare to present it. During the conference, in between committee sessions, delegates will meet with the SVC team to present their ideas. The SVC team will review all ideas, and upon careful consideration will select the most effective and feasible social ventures as winners, announcing them at closing ceremonies. The winners of the Social Venture Challenge are nominated Resolution Fellows. They will receive a grant of up to US $3,000 and strong advisory support the winning and their ventures. 

Registration and step 1 of the three-step application process is due January 19th. Step 2 is due January 26th. The final step is due February 7th. All deadlines are at 11:59pm EST. These are tentative deadlines, and will be updated for the 2018 conference shortly.

All students who successfully registered for HNMUN will receive an email with a link to register. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Please see the following links for more information on the process:

Please contact with any questions. We hope that you will all think about how you can make change today and submit your exciting plans!