Apply to HNMUN 2018 Junior Staff Positions

At HNMUN we take pride in the strength and professionalism of our entire 220-person staff. Our junior staff - Assistant Directors and Moderators - play a crucial role in ensuring that the world's largest and oldest college-level Model UN conference continues to reach the same levels of excellence as it has in the past. There is a wide variety of opportunities for junior staff, ranging from securing corporate sponsorship, to managing financial flows of up to six figures, to helping run simulations on a number of exciting topics.

Applications for both Assistant Director and Moderator positions are due on Wednesday, 13 September at 11:59pm. The Under-Secretaries-General for the organs to which you have applied will then contact you to arrange a time for a short interview on the weekend of 16 September.

Assistant Directors (ADs) help with various tasks that make up the work of each of the conference's organs. There are mainly two broad categories of positions: Assistant Directors in executive organs (Administration, Business, Delegate Relations, Finance, and Director-General) help with all the organizational and logistical components of the conference; Assistant Directors in substantive organs (General Assembly, ECOSOC and Regional Bodies, and Specialized Agencies) are assigned to a specific committee and assist their committee Director in preparing for the conference sessions. Detailed descriptions of the Assistant Director positions are listed below. You can find the application for Assistant Director positions here

Moderators are typically Juniors or Seniors who have served as Directors in previous conferences and have extensive knowledge of the HNMUN Rules of Procedure. By moderating discussions in the committees, they are responsible for ensuring the flow of debate; typically there is one Moderator per committee. The Moderator application is available here.

If you are interested in HNMUN, we also strongly encourage you to apply to our sister conference Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN), which takes place two weekends before HNMUN and is geared towards high-school students. Most staffers will staff both conferences, as it is not too heavy a time commitment. The link to apply to HMUN is available here.

Description of Assistant Director (AD) Positions and Responsibilities


Assistant Director of Administration: Administration (Admin) is in charge of running a smooth conference for both staff and delegates. In Admin, Assistant Directors are given the autonomy to be at the forefront of customer relations for the entire conference. Tasks pre-conference include contacting schools for registration, providing assistance to interested schools, and preparing materials for the substantive organs of the conference. Tasks at conference include organizing registration, staffing Delegate Services, and acting as a backbone for all committees to proceed each session. Assistant Directors are expected to come to office hours one day per week to help out in the various pre-conference administration activities (your choice of 3-5pmMondays/Wednesdays, or 4-6pm Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays). If you are interested in learning about customer relations, how to run a conference for three thousand students, and becoming part of a close-knit "Admin family," please apply to be an Assistant Director of Administration!




Assistant Director of Business: Assistant Directors of Business work very closely with the USG-Business and the Business Directors on sponsorship outreach, advertising, event planning, and business development projects for the HNMUN conference. The Business organ works as a close-knit team to sell advertisements, solicit sponsorships, create merchandise, and organize social events for our staff and delegates. Before conference, Assistant Directors of Business will have the opportunity to work in all of these fields but will mainly focus on corresponding with local businesses to coordinate advertisement deals. At conference, Business Assistant Directors will sell self-designed merchandise and help run a variety of social events including Club Night, Model Casino Night, the Career and Opportunities Fair, and the Delegate Dance. They will also have the unique opportunity to interact closely with the conference Secretariat. This year, we will need innovative ideas to garner new partnerships and create a welcoming environment for delegates. Well-organized, committed, enthusiastic, creative individuals with good communication skills are very well-suited to becoming Assistant Directors of Business.



Assistant Director of Delegate Relations: Assistant Directors of Delegate Relations will work with the USG-Delegate Relations and the Directors on public relations, media, website & publications, international activities, and faculty relations for the conference. As an Assistant Director of Del-Rel, you will help promote the international aspects of HNMUN; in previous years, nearly half of the 3,000 delegates were international, and the conference itself is a celebration of international relations. You will be involved with arranging the keynote address, making videos for opening and closing ceremonies, and managing HNMUN’s press development and publicity in Boston and abroad. In addition, you will create some of our publications for delegates and update the website with pictures, videos, and material that enhances the social aspects of our conference and highlight the social impact initiatives that the conference is taking. Moreover, you will liaise with faculty advisors and organize panels for them at conference with distinguished professors and speakers. Ultimately, you will develop an exciting social program for both delegates, faculty, and HNMUN staff itself, thereby ensuring that HNMUN is not simply a four-day conference but rather a transformative experience, a community for all those involved, and a reason to pursue international relations issues. Applicants to Del-Rel should be outgoing, creative, and fabulous.

Assistant Director of Media and Publications: The Assistant Director of Media and Publication will work on publicizing different aspects of the conference. In addition, the AD will also work on updating publications for the conference such as the Delegate Handbook and Faculty Binder. Although no prior InDesign or Photoshop experience is necessary, they will be expected to learn basic skills needed to complete the tasks. During conference, they will be in charge of HNMUN’s snapchat handle.

Assistant Director of Photography: The photographers are primarily in charge of documenting the conference at opening and closing ceremony, during committees, and at social events. In particular, these photos and videos should be edited if necessary and uploaded on official social media outlets of the conference. Photographers are responsible for having the equipment necessary and all the technological skills required to perform the tasks of the position.


Assistant Director of Finance: Assistant Directors of Finance will partner with Finance Directors and the USG-Finance in budgeting projects such as financial aid applications, contract negotiation, and promoting the wider global and socioeconomic diversity of our conference. Beyond these projects, Assistant Directors will also manage pre-conference tasks, gaining exposure to payment processing, budget management, financial accounting, reimbursements, and procurement of goods and services. As Assistant Directors of Finance, there will be numerous opportunities to liaise with and oversee the operations of other organs. Regular office hours will be held weekly for collaboration within the team as well as with the Administration organ.






Assistant Director of Security: Assistant Directors of Security work with the Senior Director of Security and Directors of Security to ensure that the conference runs smoothly and that the rules are enforced. Duties include working with hotel security staff, devising security measures, and overseeing the security shifts at conference. Time commitment prior to the conference is minimal.

Assistant Director of Substantive Support: Assistant Directors of Substantive Support will act as liaisons between the committee room and the crisis room. In addition to the responsibilities involved in assisting any substantive committee, they will mainly help directors coordinate crisis breaks before and during the conference. Assistant Directors of Substantive Support will also be responsible for helping prepare crisis videos and plans for larger committees, especially in the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council. ADs will learn how to plan and execute continual crisis simulations, help guide the path of the committee, and react to twists and turns throughout debate.



Committee Assistant Directors: Committee Assistant Directors on substantive side are involved in nearly all aspects of committee operation both before and during the conference. Their primary function in committee will be to work closely with the delegates to ensure that they are actively and constructively participating in discussions and to facilitate a productive debate. ADs will help guide delegates through their deliberations and resolution writing. In addition, ADs will research topics of international affairs and be required to write a short update of 5-7 pages to the Director’s study guide, summarizing the latest developments.

Committees are divided among the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Regional Bodies, and Specialized Agencies. These distinctions are drawn mainly by representation–General Assembly committees have representatives from every country, and thus have nearly 200 countries; EcoSoc committees bring together approximately 50 countries each from around the world to deal with economic and social issues; and Specialized Agencies consist generally of fewer than 20 representatives and simulate bodies like the Security Council. Specialized Agencies also include the continual crisis committees, which guide 10-20 delegates through an ongoing simulation based on historical or current events. While AD responsibilities are almost identical in each committee, those in the larger committees should expect to have more freedom of action in representing the committee staff to delegates, and those in smaller committees will have more one-on-one interaction with the delegates in their committees. In all committees, ADs will have the opportunity to moderate at conference. 

The application will ask you to rank your committee preferences. To find out more about our committee offerings, please access committee descriptions via the "Committees" tab of our website. The list of our current senior staff can be found under the "Staff" tab.