Consiglio dei X, 1571

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the sixty-fourth session of Harvard National Model United Nations. My name is Gavin Moulton, and I will be serving as your Director in the Consiglio dei X, 1571. Your crisis Director, Eliza Ennis, and I have spent the past year planning, strategizing, and researching to make this an incredible experience. Together we’ll delve into the intense world of 16th century Venetian politics. Be ready for a wide range of crises that will test your collective ability to effectively govern!

A brief introduction about myself; I’m a current sophomore at Harvard studying the history, architecture, and languages of the northern Mediterranean region. Originally hailing from the sunny southeast coast of Virginia, I grew up both in the US and abroad. At Harvard, I am involved with the International Relations Council, HNMUN’s sister high school conference HMUN, the Francophone Society, and Harvard Student Agencies where I work as a travel writer. After graduation I hope to pursue a career in academia or government service.

During committee I hope that each of you gains a newfound perspective on how historical events shape present day governance through a substantive, historic, and hands on experience. This is your chance to explore how leaders of the past navigated and overcame, or failed to overcome, issues that still challenge government leaders today. The issues we will discuss are pertinent not only to 16th century Venice, but also to the global community today. Beyond the in-committee experience, take advantage of all HNMUN has to offer - make friends, enjoy Boston, and have fun!

The entire staff of HNMUN believes strongly in the importance of the educational role that our conference provides. By collaborating with your peers from across the globe on a wide variety of challenges, it is my sincere hope that you all leave conference better prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Gavin Moulton
Director, Consiglio dei X, 1571
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard National Model United Nations 2018! My name is Eliza, and I will be your Crisis Director for Consiglio X this year. I am a junior at the college, concentrating in Social Studies with a focus on the Cultural Politics of the modern Middle East. In my studies, I have primarily focused on the politicization of religion, the development of Iran, and the implications of imperialism on modern international relations in the Middle East. However, I have also studied a lot of historical interactions between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires and the city-states of the west, which is why I am drawn to the topic of Consiglio dei X.

Outside of academics and crisis directing, I am the Under-Secretary-General for Specialized Agencies at HNMUN’s sister conference for high schoolers, HMUN, as well as the Under-Secretary-General for Committees for our high school conference in India. I am also a member of our inter-collegiate Model UN traveling team and a director for WorldMUN. Though most of my life is consumed (in the best way) by Model UN, I also do design for the Harvard International Review, work as a peer counselor, and row on the intramural crew team for my residential house. I am extremely passionate about issues of public health, gender equality, and climate change. I am originally from New Mexico, and thus love the outdoors, spending most of my summers kayaking and backpacking.

Alongside your fantastic director, Gavin, I will be helping bring 16th century Venice to life. As you will soon find out, Venice at this time was wracked by economic crises, public health disasters, and international relations dilemmas that pressed the leadership of the Council of Ten. As delegates, you will be asked to face these same issues and come up with your own innovative solutions. While Gavin will be running the front room, and I will be focused on crisis, we look forward to working together to create the best all-round crisis simulation the incorporates your individual arcs, in-committee work, and the context of the time. I look forward to meeting you all at conference!

Best Regards,
Eliza Ennis
Crisis Director, Consiglio Dei X, 1571
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018

Against the sweeping tide of 16th century Ottoman victories stands the bulwark of Venice. Beleaguered by dwindling trade due to the discovery of new routes by the Portuguese, the Venetians must overcome financial difficulties while simultaneously mounting a stronger response to the Ottomans. The Consiglio dei X, or Council of Ten was the most important and powerful governing body of Venice. Established in the 1300’s to create a government body strong enough to deal with impending crises, the body grew in important over time and by the 16 th century dominated the city’s military and intelligence establishment. The main topics of the committee include the Ottoman Venetian War, creation of the Holy League, plague, and banking crisis. These topics will provide delegates an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics that are still pertinent to international affairs today. In the 16 th century Mediterranean world there were refugee crises, wars, financial crises, all influenced by regional superpowers, topics that hit close to home. Debate will be centered on the Ottoman Venetian War. Constructing a force strong enough to defeat the Ottomans is a major obstacle. This is compounded by some of the delegates in committed having vested interests against the Venetians winning the war. In addition to the war, the plague and papal conclave are essential topics. Delegates will deal (and hopefully resolve) a severe economic and labor crisis created by the plague and attempt to have their preferred papabile elected to the chair of St. Peter.