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Human Rights Council

Director: Hope Kudo

Topic Area A: Rights of Disabled Individuals

Topic Area B: Extrajudicial Killings



Commission on the Status of Women

Director: Sophie Feldman

Topic Area: Child Brides



United Nations High Commissioner for


Director: Illan RM Freudmann

Topic Area: Asylum and the Right to Healthcare



Commission on Crime PRevention and Criminal Justice

Director: Nick Lore-Edwards

Topic Area: Cybersecurity in Political Elections



African Union

Director: Hana Kiros

Topic Area: GMO Food Aid and Cultivation in Africa



European Union

Director: Emmanuel Calivo

Topic Area: Rewriting the Common Foreign and Security Policy



LEague of Arab States

Director: Delaney Hurley

Topic Area: Post-Conflict Restoration of Syria



North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Director: Bryce Kim

Topic Area: NATO Burden-Sharing and Collective Defense



Non Governmental Organizations


Director: Lexa Brenner

**This is a special application committee.