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Human Rights Council

Director: Phiroze Parasnis

Topic Area A: Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Topic Area B: The Right to Self-Determination



Commission on the Status of Women

Director: Grace Sullivan

Topic Area A: Trafficking of Women and Girls

Topic Area B: Healthcare Inequality



United Nations High Commissioner for


Director: Danukshi Mudannayake

Topic Area: Education as a Tool for Refugees



UNited nations Environment Programme

Director: Gabrielle Schultz

Topic Area A: Refugees in Relation to the Environment

Topic Area B: Ecotourism



International Monetary Fund

Director: Yashvardhan Mehra Bardoloi

Topic Area: Discussing IMF Loan Conditionality



The Arctic Council

Director: Matthew Rossi

Topic Area A: The Responsible Usage of Arctic Resources

Topic Area B: Adjudicating Territorial Claims in the Arctic



Organization of American States

Director: Carolina Jimenez

Topic Area A: The Venezuelan Crisis

Topic Area B: Mental Illness in Latin America



Non Governmental Organizations


Director: Amanda Wasserman

**This is a special application committee.