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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Director: Graham Macklin

Topic Area: The Kurdish Question, Revisited



Economic and Financial Committee

Director: Chico Payne

Topic Areas:

A. Augmenting Human Capital to Reduce the Skills Gap

B. The Economic Future of Green Energy Development



Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

Director: Sidney Li

Topic Area: Rewriting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Subtopic A. Rights of Civil Disobedience

Subtopic B. Rights of Gender and Sexuality


legal committee.png

Legal Committee

Director: Dylan Parker

Topic Area: Cyber Warfare

Subtopic A. Definition of a Cyber-Attack versus an Armed Attack

Subtopic B. The Right to and Execution of Self-Defense



Historical General Assembly, 1991

Director: Bliss Perry

Topic Area: The Yugoslav Wars


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World Health Organization

Director: Cora Neudeck

Topic Areas:

A. Special Needs and Disabilities

B. Global Challenges to Drug and Antibiotic Resistance



International Organization for Migration

Director: Allison Toledo

Topic Area: Addressing Illegal Migration to Facilitate Safer Mobility across Borders

Subtopic A. Countering Migrant Smuggling

Subtopic B. Preventing and Addressing Consequences of Trafficking 



Press Corps

Director: Yash Kumbhat

**This is a special application committee.