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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Director: Jenna Wong

Topic Area: Foreign Interventions in Civil War



Economic and Financial Committee

Director: Javin Pombra

Topic Area: Banking Policies for Avoiding Global Recessions


legal committee.png

Legal Committee

Director: Trisha Prabhu

Topic Area: Exploring the Rights and Limitations of Digital Citizenship



Director: Alistair Gluck

Topic Area: The World in 2055: Coping with a Broken Climate


legal committee.png

World Health Organization

Director: Allison Barker

Topic Area: Global Disparities in Health Professional Training



World trade Organization

Director: Katie Sakys

Topic Area A: Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade

Topic Area B: Intellectual Property



Press Corps

Director: Haig Cholakian

**This is a special application committee.