Press Corps


Director's Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard National Model United Nations 2020! My name is Haig Cholakian and I am beyond honored and excited to serve as your Director for the Press Corps. I look forward to meeting all of you in Boston in February and hope you all have fun at this year’s conference.

I was raised between Dubai and Toronto and I’m currently a junior at Harvard College studying Applied Math and History with a focus in food distribution history. Outside of the classroom, I staff Harvard Model UN and serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard International Review. When I’m not busy at meetings or watching reruns of Nigella Lawson, I attend all my lectures.

At HNMUN 2020, you will assume the role of an international news organization and cover the events of conference through that lens. Each news organization is unique in its tone, audience, perspective, and editorial stance. As a journalist, you will be breaking stories, holding delegates accountable to their positions, and communicating breakthroughs to the entire conference—delegates, advisors, and staff alike.

The Press Corps Assistant Directors and I will work closely with you in our “newsroom” to hone your leads, narrow your message, and position your stories before they are published. In reflecting the continual evolution of modern journalism, we will continue to use Slack and an online blog as a platform to provide almost-instant updates of breaking news, crisis events, and other important developments.

The role of the Press Corps at HNMUN 2020 and in the workings of international democracy cannot be understated. It is my hope that the firsthand experiences you will have as a journalist will further instill in you the importance of a free and independent press. Between press conferences, exclusive interviews, background research, and investigative journalism, you will have the opportunity to experience several days in the life of an international journalist.

I am here as a resource to you while you prepare for committee and beyond. I am so excited to see you all at conference and I want to encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you might have or to just introduce yourself to me!


Haig Cholakian
Director, Press Corps
Harvard National Model United Nations 2020


Committee Introduction

The press has the key privilege and responsibility of keeping the public informed and keeping those in power accountable. During Harvard National Model United Nations 2020, delegates in the Press Corps will play an important role in covering developing and breaking news events during conference. Before conference commences, delegates are expected to familiarize themselves with the historical, background, and HNMUN-specific information in the Press Corps Background Guide. Ahead of conference, delegates must research, understand, and adopt the writing style, perspective, and any ideological bias that their assigned international news organization may have.

During conference, journalists will be responsible for two to three committees as their main responsibilities and will have the opportunity to interview delegates; write news articles, long-form stories, and opinion pieces; accept and publish press releases from other delegates; and leverage Slack and an online blog as an important news and communications tool.