South Korean Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, 2020


On May 9th 2017, Moon Jae-In was elected the 19th President of South Korea following the corruption scandal impeachment proceedings surrounding President Park Geun-hye. Despite voters’ initial high hopes that he would lead the country in a new progressive direction as the first liberal president in nearly a decade, President Moon and his administration have begun gradually losing support of the nation following a disappointing lack of breakthrough on talks with North Korea, stagnant economic growth, and controversies within his ruling Democratic Party.

Now in 2020 faced with the prospect of soon becoming a lame-duck president, President Moon Jae-In has turned to his most consistent and only remaining support base: women. With only a few years left in his presidency, President Moon hopes to leave behind a meaningful presidential legacy by making unprecedented progress on the issue of national gender equality. He has thus formed the first ever Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, composed of leading women from all across the country who will advise the president on his most pressing executive decisions.  

Will the board make Moon’s administration the most successful liberal presidency South Korea has ever seen? Or will Moon end up like his predecessors - disgraced and imprisoned? Delegates will have to navigate the political intricacies of modern South Korea in this fun and engaging committee.


Director's Letter


Dear Most Honorable Delegates,

My name is Young Jun Andrew Kim, and I am truly excited to have the privilege of serving as your Director for HNMUN 2020. South Korean Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, 2020 is a unique and innovative committee that was inspired by our conference’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Here at HNMUN, we are very much dedicated to creating a non-discriminatory environment that celebrates diverse perspectives and welcomes people of all identities, and this committee will be a direct reflection of that ethos.

To introduce myself briefly, I am currently a sophomore at Harvard College studying economics and philosophy. Though I was originally born in Seoul, South Korea, I lived and attended school in Atlanta, Georgia from fourth to ninth grade. I graduated from Seoul International School in 2017, and took a gap year to work and travel prior to coming to Harvard. Model UN was a major part of my high school career, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity ever year to staff both HNMUN and HMUN, our sister conference for high school students, here at college, as well as am an active member of our competitive travelling MUN team, ICMUN. Aside from Model UN, I enjoy working term-time as a campus tour guide, volunteering through Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) to teach English to Vietnamese immigrants in Dorchester, MA and being an active member of the Catholic Student Association at Harvard.

Despite being one of the world's most technologically advanced nations, South Korea still suffers from high levels of gender inequality. This inequality also has massive negative implications on the country’s socio-economic wellbeing, as seen by the country’s record low fertility rate and aging population crisis. South Korean Women’s Presidential Advisory Board will thus call upon delegates to collaboratively tackle the issue of gender inequality from the perspective of diverse female characters. Along with Phiroze, our great Crisis Director, I look forward to an amazing conference with lively debate.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns!


Young Jun Andrew Kim
Director, South Korean Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, 2020


Crisis Director's Letter


Dear Delegates,

My name is Phiroze Parasnis, and it gives me great pleasure to serve as your Crisis Director at HNMUN 2020! I am extremely excited to delve into this topic that has implications both for South Korea as well as for democracy and feminism around the world.

I am a junior at Harvard, currently residing in Quincy House, one of the 12 upperclassmen houses at Harvard. I am originally from Mumbai, India. At Harvard, I am interested in Government, Politics, and Psychology. At HNMUN 2019, I served as the director for the Human Rights Council. I also served as Director of Business at HMUN, our sister conference for high school students, as well as am an active member of Harvard’s competitive MUN team, ICMUN. While I did do Model United Nations in high school, MUN at Harvard is especially important to me because it was through this that I met my best friends! My other non-academic interests include Theater, Student Government, volunteering at a After-school Program, as well serving a Peer Advising Fellow for Harvard Freshmen. I enjoy, in my free time, eating foods from different nations, watching television dramas on Netflix and staying up late at night having heated political discussions with my friends!

I hope you enjoy the intricate and complicated world that your amazing director Andrew has created for you. It is particularly important to me that we deal with these issues with sensitivity. Therefore I hope you take with seriousness both my and Andrew’s especial commitment to providing a committee environment that is open and welcoming to all, regardless of background or identity.Moreover, it is crucial for me that this committee helps you to broaden your horizons, bring in fresh perspectives and question the information and perspectives fed to you daily. I hope that you will creative, cooperative and far-sighted when dealing with some of South Korea’s most hot-button issues. I am confident that you, whether a first-time MUNer or seasoned delegate, will be successful in this journey. Above all, it is essential that you are respectful to one another and have an exciting and informative weekend!


Phiroze Parasnis
Crisis Director, South Korea Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, 2020