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Please note that all Specialized Agencies committees except the Security Council are special application committees.



United Nations Security Council

Director: Roshni Chakraborty

Crisis Director: Safa Salem

Topic Areas: 

A. The Kurdish Conflict

B. The Sino-Indian Border Dispute



The Fourth Crusade, 1204

Director: Justin Tseng

Crisis Director: Joseph Valente


french convention.jpg

French National Convention, 1792

Director: Youmna Chamieh

Crisis Director: Frankie Hill



Cavour IV Cabinet, 1861

Director: Katherine Lempres

Crisis Director: Eliza Ennis



Grand Council of the Qing Dynasty, 1898

Director: Franklin Hang

Crisis Director: Bary Lisak



Joint Crisis Committee: Malayan Emergency,


Coordinating Crisis Director: Jenna Wong

Malayan Communist Party:

     Director: Katherine Sakys

     Crisis Director: Andrew Jiang


     Director: Julian Ubriaco

     Crisis Director: Spencer Ma



Gabinete de Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, 1952

Director: Sofía Corzo

Crisis Director: David Gevarter

**This committee will be conducted entirely in Spanish.



La Transición: Spain after Franco, 1975

Director: Emilia Cabrera

Crisis Director: Matthew Miller