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Please note that all Specialized Agencies committees except the Security Council are special application committees.



United Nations Security Council

Director: Muhammad Usman Omer

Crisis Director: Davis Tyler-Dudley

Topic Area: Boko Haram 



Historical Security COuncil, 1969

Director: Brendan Chapuis

Crisis Director: Alec Fischthal

Topic Area: The Conflict in Northern Ireland



The Thing, 850

Director: Seth Filo

Crisis Director: Jordan (Bliss) Perry



The Culper Ring, 1778

Director: Cat Hyeon

Crisis Director: Sam Throm


Republic of Gran Colombia, 1819

Director: Angel Mata

Crisis Director: Sofía Corzo



Council Of people’s commissars, 1918

Director: Pablo Martinez

Crisis Director: Nicolas Weninger


National Assembly of Singapore, 1955

Director: Cathy Sun

Crisis Director: Matthew Miller



The iranian Revolution, 1978

Director: Annelisa Kingsbury-Lee

Crisis Director: Franklin Hang



The Advisors to Giuseppe COnte, 2019

Director: Dominic Caturello

Crisis Director: Graham Macklin



South Korean Women’s PResidential Advisory Board, 2020

Director: Young Jun Andrew Kim

Crisis Director: Phiroze Parasnis