The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019

Giuseppe Conte officially rose to power to replace Paolo Gentiloni as Prime Minister of Italy on June 1, 2018, after a period of intense interparty negotiation due to the hung parliament created by the March 2018 elections. To break the disorder, a coalition was finally formed between Luigi Di Maio’s M5S (Five Star Movement) and Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord (Northern League) parties. Both individuals became Deputy Prime Ministers in Conte’s cabinet, and both parties became the primary parties in the cabinet. For the first time since the resignation of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in December of 2016, the Italian government had reached a state of relative stability.

This is where The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte takes off. The year is 2019, the Conte government is still in power in Italy, and a wave of issues are on the docket burning for attention. Nationally, much work remains ahead to unify the Italian Republic socially and economically. The European migrant crisis’ effects in Italy are pushing the capacities of the government and stirring popular unrest. Economic integration with other European nations remains a hot topic of debate. How should Italy manage these crucial issues, among others? Must we go at it alone? Should we look to the EU for assistance, or do better prospects lie elsewhere? The Italy of today and tomorrow, and indeed the stability of the European Union and the Mediterranean region, lie at stake. It is up to all of you to make your mark.


Director's Letter

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Dear Delegates,

Hello, and welcome to HNMUN 2020! My name is Domenic Caturello, I am a sophomore at Harvard, and I am beyond excited to host you all in our committee as the Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019.

Studying Italy and all that the word implies has become a great passion of my life. As my name might have revealed to you already, I am Italian-American, and I grew up in an extended family filled with Italian-born people and an ardor for Italian cuisine and culture. But neither of my parents spoke Italian with me, and several years ago I started studying for myself. Last year, I had the pleasure of staffing another HNMUN Italian committee, the Cavour IV Cabinet, 1861, as well as a committee at HMUN, our sister conference for high school students. So begins the journey of impassioned study that led me here to direct this committee.

On the international stage, Italy stands out as a nation facing a truly unique and important set of problems in the modern day: issues that concern internal divisions, issues that call into the debate other nations and organizations, distinctly modern issues, residual issues from unresolved past difficulties, and much more. Facing these issues simultaneously in committee will prove a one-of-a-kind challenge to mimic the challenge Giuseppe Conte’s government truly faces today, and I am thrilled to push this search for solutions, to hear through your creative ideas, to really think these issues through in a setting made just for it.

Many of the topics we will focus on in committee are near and dear to my own circumstance. One crucial topic for our debate will be Italian citizenship law, particularly in light of Italy’s influx of migrant and refugee populations. I am an applicant for Italian dual citizenship, and recent real provisions have all but excluded my mother from doing the same. Additionally, my family, like that of most Italian-Americans, is from South Italy, and I have just returned from an incredible trip of study and family reunion to my family’s ancestral region of Calabria; North-South unity and conflict will form a prevalent theme in conference, just as it does in the creation and perpetuation of Italy’s social, cultural, and political climate. I hope that my perspective on the debate will offer you a new way to think of the issues that face Italy, Europe, and the world.

Beyond all this, however: godetevelo- enjoy. This committee is created for and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and levels of MUN experience. May this committee exercise your ability to work through difficulty, strike your creativity, and inform you on topics previously unstudied or never considered. Good luck with your research, e vi aspetto tutti a Boston!


Domenic Caturello
Director, The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019


Crisis Director's Letter


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019!

My name is Graham Macklin. I’m a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Statistics. My current goal is to go into climate policy research, but I also am fascinated by international relations and in particular the politics of the European Union, so given that and the uncertainty of future funding for climate research, who knows what I will end up doing.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and have lived in Wayland, MA since I was four years old. I started doing Model UN the summer after fifth grade, but really only began competing in high school. At Harvard, I directed at both HNMUN and HMUN, our sister conference for high school students. I am also an active member and Director of Training for ICMUN, Harvard’s competitive MUN team.

I look forward to a wonderfully fun and substantive weekend with you all. I will also reiterate HNMUN’s commitment to a fun and equally welcoming experience for all delegates, regardless of identity or background.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Graham Macklin
Crisis Director, The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019