How to Apply

Unlike past years, we no longer require an application of at least 6 people to represent a country at HNMUN 2018. There is no minimum delegation size.

We do not partner with any third party organizations. All delegations should apply directly to HNMUN, and not through third-party individuals or businesses. Registrations conducted through such third parties may not be considered valid, at the discretion of the HNMUN Secretariat. If you wish to apply and have questions on the application process, please email us at

  1. Registration is available on our online MUNBase registration system.
  2. Please enter your e-mail address and a password of your choosing.
  3. Please enter all of the Basic Information requested, including School Name and Mailing Address.
  4. Please enter your Delegation Size and Country Preferences. You must rank 10 different countries so that we may best accommodate your preferences. Please refer to this HNMUN 2018 Country Assignment List for more information on minimum and maximum capacity for each country and specific committee assignments.
  5. Answer all of the Application Questions.
  6. Read our Conference Policies in their entirety.
  7. Click “save and continue,” and by doing so, you indicate your acceptance of the Conference Policies for HNMUN 2018.
  8. You should now see a “Review Application” page. Please ensure that all your submissions are correct.
  9. Click “submit application” to register for HNMUN 2018.
  10. To finish the registration process, you must pay the US$80 non-refundable registration fee. Please note that your account will not be activated and you will not receive any country assignment(s) until you have paid the registration fee. This fee can be paid by check or credit card through our online electronic payment platform. To pay online, feel free to use the PayPal option, which is found on the Fees page of this website. Alternatively, if you choose to pay by check, please mail us your check right away and email us to let us know. Our Guide to Paying for HNMUN 2018 contains more information regarding how to pay conference fees.
  11. Once we have received your US$80 registration fee, we will activate your account. You will then receive an email with a summary of fees and other conference information.

For all that register by our Priority Registration Deadline of 10 October 2017, country assignments will be distributed by the end of October. For all that register by our Final Registration Deadline of 15 November 2017, country assignments will be distributed by the end of November.

Note: if any delegates are interested in applying either to our unique Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Program, Press Corps, or to our unassigned special application crisis committees, a special application is required. After HNMUN has confirmed your delegation registration, there will be a link to the special applications on the Overview page.


We encourage delegates and faculty advisors to stay at the conference hotel, the Boston Park Plaza. Booking accommodations for the conference is a separate process from conference registration. Please see our Accommodations page for more information.


Registration Opens: 1 May 2017

Priority Registration Deadline: 10 October 2017

Delegations that apply before or at the priority registration deadline will be given preference to their country assignments. By registering early on our online MUNBase system, your delegation will receive country assignments before the Final Conference Registration Deadline, 15 November 2017. 

Application Deadline for Schools in need of a Visa to enter the US: 10 October 2017
Priority Financial Assistance Deadline: 10 October 2017

Special Applications Deadline for NGO Programme, Press Corps, and Crisis Committees: 30 October 2017

Delegations that are interested in applying to the NGO Programme, the Press Corps, and/or the crisis committees must submit and additional special application on the online MUNBase system. For this special application, delegates will need to rank their top three committees and then answer a few questions about related Model United Nations experience and specific questions about the committees that they are applying to. Assignments for the NGO Program, the Press Corps, and the crisis committees will be announced in late November.

Final Conference Registration Deadline: 15 November 2017
Final Financial Assistance Deadline: 15 November 2017

Final Delegate and Faculty Advisor Fees Due: 1 December 2017

Confirmation of Number of Delegates: 1 December 2017
Confirmation of Country Assignment(s): 15 December 2017
Refunds Issued Without Penalty Until: 1 December 2017
Refund of 50% for Delegations Dropping Delegates Above the Minimum: 1 December - 20 December 2017
No Refunds After: 20 December 2017

Visa Letter Request Deadline: 1 January 2018

Delegate and Faculty Advisor Names Due: 25 January 2018

Position Papers Due: 25 January 2018

Conference: 15-18 February 2018


Harvard National Model United Nations provides accessibility accommodations for its conference participants. If you require accommodations of any sort, please let us know at by 15 December 2017.

Press Corps

Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) Programme

Crisis Committees in the SA