Non-Governmental Organizations Programme

Dear Delegates,

Hello! I am very excited to welcome you to the NGO Programme.

My name is Andrea Rodriguez-Marin Freudmann, and I am a sophomore at Harvard studying Mechanical Engineering. I am from Toronto, Canada, though my family is Spanish and English. In high school, I did some Model UN, mainly in Ontario and Quebec, but nothing on the scale of Harvard National Model United Nations. It is only since arriving here that I have started to truly care about Model UN. I was an Assistant Director at both HMUN and HNMUN, for UNEA and UNESCO, respectively. However, as you have noticed, the NGO programme is not like traditional committees: while the main notions of collaboration, negotiation, creativity, and leadership are still very important, you will be doing something special.

The NGO programme’s main focus is your integration into other committees. Thanks to you, delegates in traditional committees can do more than simply mention the name of an NGO that they would like to involve in their resolution. They will have to work with you and take your position into consideration. You will ensure that resolutions remain realistic, and you will provide a unique perspective on the issues that are being discussed. While you cannot vote, you can certainly make your voice heard and sway debate.

While the freedom of the NGO programme is what makes it special, it can also cause problems: delegates sometimes have trouble making a major impact because they are unable to find a committee that suits them, or occasionally, delegates take advantage of their mobile status to avoid participating in committee at all. I am dedicated to fixing these problems, so I have renovated our program: we will still have traditional check-ins (Assistant Directors will watch you in committee, and you will update me via email or back in our committee), but we will also be using social media. Each NGO will have its own Twitter account that follows the other NGOs. This way, delegates can tweet updates in the form of text, pictures, and/or videos to show what they have done in committees. In addition, everyone will be able see what others are doing. Instead of searching for an appropriate committee, you will select one or two from a list of committees in which you would be most effective, which I will provide for you.

Over the course of the conference, we will collaborate with other committees and enrich their debate, helping to draft resolutions and make decisions. We will work together, but every delegation will have the opportunity to make its own impact, and I look forward to seeing what that may be.

Andrea Rodriguez-Marin Freudmann
Director, Non-Governmental Organizations Programme
Harvard National Model United Nations 2018