Financial Aid

The Secretariat of HNMUN 2019 is committed to providing assistance to delegations that would otherwise be unable to attend our conference for financial reasons. Delegations are welcome to apply for financial assistance from the conference to cover part of the cost of attending HNMUN, including fees, transportation, food, and hotel. Our Under-Secretary-General for Finance is also available to help schools develop fundraising plans to cover the costs of attending the conference.

Our main prerequisites for granting assistance are that delegates show both demonstrated need and demonstrated fundraising efforts. Our Financial Assistance application is available here. We also encourage you to take advantage of our Guide to Fundraising

Note that we have introduced a new timeline for applications in an effort facilitate delegations needing early confirmation of their financial assistance. Instead of setting the deadline to mid-October, we will accept applications on a rolling basis in three batches.

  1. Batch One: September 1st, 11:59PM

  2. Batch Two: September 22nd, 11:59PM

  3. Batch Three: October 15th, 11:59PM

Decisions will be released as soon as possible, but no later than three weeks after the relevant application deadline. There is no advantage to applying to in any particular batch, other than receiving the decision earlier.



Any questions about financial assistance should be directed to Klaus Ashorn, Under-Secretary-General for Finance, at