United Nations Security Council

Welcome to the UNSC- the most powerful organ of the UN, the only one which can issue binding decisions, and the one most riddled by power politics. You will be discussing two of the biggest threats to international peace and security that the world faces today- the Kurdish conflict and the Sino-Indian border dispute. Both issues trace their history to the time of empires and colonialism and decades later, they remain far from being resolved. We will discuss the humanitarian crises caused by the conflicts, attempt to answer legal questions, and try to ensure that neither devolves into mass destruction. Prepare for a weekend of tough negotiations to determine the future an unstable Asia.


Director's Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to HNMUN 2019! My name is Roshni Chakraborty and I am so excited to serve as your Director for the United Nations Security Council. The UNSC is by far the most important organ of the United Nations and this year we will be discussing the Kurdish conflict in the Middle East and the Sino-Indian border dispute. I can’t wait to have a productive discussion on two of the most pressing issues the global community is facing today.

I was born and raised in Kolkata, India. My family has always been very loud and argumentative, so I picked up most of my MUN skills over our dinner table. My childhood in India gave me great jaywalking skills and an undying love for Bollywood music and movies. I came to the US last year and love the country so much that I am willing to forgive its miserable winters and the lack of salt in my food. My unending store of Maggi, a popular ramen brand in India, and love for the Crab Rangoon at the Chinese restaurant across from my dorm are the only reasons I survived my first year here.

I have been involved with Model United Nations since my freshman year of high school. I’ve always known that I want to pursue politics and foreign affairs, so of course I took every opportunity to look fancy and pretend to do just that. I travelled to HMUN India in my junior year of high school and had an amazing experience- I still can’t believe that just two years later I’m here in Boston at HNMUN. My director at HMUN India is incidentally also the person who told me to apply to the US for college and is one of the reasons I am here, so I’ve always been very grateful to the IRC. When I first got on campus, I sat myself down and told myself I would never do MUN again because it’s something only high schools kids do. Two weeks later, I found myself on the staff of both HMUN and HNMUN and as a member of the travelling MUN team.

I plan on majoring in Government with a secondary in Psychology. Outside of the all-consuming activity that is MUN, I am doing research on a book about the duty to vote and research on policy approaches to cyberwar. I love writing about international affairs and am a member of various publications on campus. My biggest passion is fighting against domestic and sexual violence and, to work towards that, I lead the undergraduate legal committee on campus, which provides pro-bono legal assistance in the Greater Boston region and works on public interest law.

The Security Council is the most important organ of the UN by virtue of the fact that it can pass binding resolutions on member states. The presence of the veto, however, complicates this power and makes passing anything difficult. I hope that this committee can work together to come up with constructive solutions for these two pressing issues. The Kurdish crisis has been ignored in political discourse and the Sino-Indian border dispute has major regional stakes. These are discussions worth having and solutions that need coming up with. My background in international relations and MUN, as well as my interest in Asia because I grew up there, make me extremely excited to direct this committee and I hope you will bring the same level of enthusiasm to it!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. I am always available as a resource and am happy to help. See you soon!

Roshni Chakraborty
Director, United Nations Security Council
Harvard National Model United Nations 2019



Crisis Director's Letter

Dear Delegates,

IMG_9713 (1).JPG

First and foremost, welcome to HNMUN 2019! My name is Safa Salem and I have the utmost pleasure of serving as your crisis director for this year’s Security Council. Your director, Roshni Chakraborty, and I are especially eager to run this committee and cannot wait to give you all the most rewarding, educational, and fun experience as possible.

A little bit about myself: I am a junior at Harvard College pursuing a concentration in History and Science with a focus on Medicine and Society along with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. My family originally hails from Jerusalem, but I spent most of my life growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. When I’m not doing anything MUN-related on campus, you can find me running along the Charles River, eating knafeh with the Society of Arab Students, or “studying” in any one of the exorbitant number of libraries across Harvard.

I began my trek into the world of Model UN during my sophomore year of high school, and could not stay away when I entered college. For me, Model UN has given me the environment where I can delve deep into my passion for international relations while also meeting wonderful
people from around the world interested in the same things as me. In terms of my Model UN experience, I have staffed the previous two iterations of HNMUN’s Security Council, once as an Assistant Director and most recently, as the Director, along with the Security Council at HMUN
(our high school sister conference). I have also competed on the collegiate circuit with ICMUN – Harvard’s travelling competitive Model UN team. For the 2018-2019 academic calendar, I will be serving as one of the two Head Delegates of ICMUN so if you see me around be sure to say

I feel absolutely honored to run this committee with Roshni, one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and high-spirited people I’ve met in my time at Harvard. I had the privilege of watching her grow into Model UN’s community at Harvard and am so grateful to call her a close friend of mine. I know she is super excited to take the reins on this year’s Security Council and I cannot wait to fulfill her vision through crisis to make this committee HNMUN’s best one yet. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any crisis questions that may arise from now until conference. I am enthusiastic to see where you all take committee and simply cannot wait to work with each of you!

Safa Salem
Crisis Director, United Nations Security Council
Harvard National Model United Nations 2019